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Professional carpet and rugs cleaning services in Cork offering the highest quality carpet steam cleaning services – meet your clean carpet again.

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Clean Carpets & Rugs

Carpet Cleaning Services

We are offering our carpet cleaning services in Cork with Kärcher extraction washing equipment. We will inspect the type and level of dirt on the carpet and pick out the suitable washing agents that are safe for people and pets. Furthermore, with the help of our professional equipment and experienced staff, we guarantee effective and efficient performance of the laundry.


Why Hire Carpet Cleaners?

Home and apartment decorations, such as carpets and floor coverings, are heavily utilized everyday. This is due to the fact that people and pets are always walking and moving on them. Therefore, it’s not strange that after some time, a vivid rug or one with a fashionable pattern can become unsightly, with visible and unappealing spots on the surface.

Regular vacuuming of carpets and rugs definitely has a positive impact on the tidiness and longevity of these surfaces; however, even the most meticulous vacuuming will not be able to remove the permanent stains and countless microorganisms (e.g. mites) that have nestled in the fibres of the carpets and rugs.

H2O Cleaning Cork, provides the most professional cleaning services, using only reliable and effective cleaning machines and detergents to ensure that it will meet your requirements at the maximum level.

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Save even 30% of your money

Extend The Life Of Your Carpet

Regular (at least once a year) carpet cleaning will extend their life and restore their novelty: it will renew the depth of color, restore softness, and improve the condition of the hair. Another advantage is undoubtedly the neutralization of the unpleasant smell of the carpet that radiates throughout the room.

Regular professional cleaning can extend the life of your carpets by 30%, you will save money compared to replacing carpets 

Our Cleaning Process

How Do We Work?

Our cleaning process system uses a combination of hot water and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to break down stains and odours, leaving your carpets or upholsteries looking, feeling, and smelling great. Our process is effective and efficient, down below you can discover our process in depth.

First, we clean all carpets and furniture with a vacuum cleaner, eliminating any dust and debris.

The pre-spray solution is then ‘agitated’ deep into the carpet pile with a specialist machine with multi-directional high power brushes. This not only throughly mixes in the solution but also rejuvenates the carpet pile.

Any marks or stains on the carpet will be treated with stain removers. It must be noted that although every attempt will be made to remove marks and stains it is not possible to guarantee all stains can be removed.

Factors including type of stain, texture of carpet and the length of time the stain has been on the carpet will all play a part in determining its removal.

Our hot water extraction unit jets boiling water with cleaning solutions into the carpet at pressure and then immediately extracts them out with all dirt and contaminants into a waste tank. Our extraction units are 1000 psi, twin vacuums with inline heaters creating immediate boiling water.

On completion of cleaning the carpets will be sprayed with an antistatic fabric softener to make upholstery and carpets feel fresh and nice after drying.

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