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Certified Cleaners In Cork

Professional Cleaning of Carpets & Furtnitures and Car Upholstery

We have been trusted by over 12,000 individual clients whom we serve in Cork and County Cork. We specialize in cleaning furniture and leather upholstery as well as cleaning carpets and rugs. The most important thing for us is the professional performance of the service.

Our company consists of two employees – Lukasz and Kasia.

Lukasz handles the main laundry tasks. And direct contact with the client. A man whose eye will spot the smallest speck and whose heart won’t let him not remove it 😉 a professional in his profession, invaluable boss, service technician and a brave man. He made his business the number one cleaning company in Cork. It has provided the highest-class equipment available in the world and constantly provides cleaning and stain removal products that are safe for the health of children and animals.

Kasia – it’s help in cleaning, removing stains, customer service and advertising department in one 😉 contact her and she will definitely give you a reasonable quote and arrange a convenient date for the service.

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Only Professional Products

We Use Certified Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Products From Prochem

That is why we use top-shelf equipment and chemistry. We constantly improve the quality of our work by participating in international trainings. During the work, not only the overall effect of the service, but also the smallest details and details are important to us. That is why we use all possible cleaning agents and methods to leave the client with clean furniture and carpets. (Sometimes we spend more time on this at the cost of being late to another client.)

When performing the service, we focus from A to Z on our client and his home. Because the effects of our work are sensational and we love to say “wow” on the lips of clients, work also becomes our passion.

By the way: We both drink coffee and like sweets 😃 we will use this extra energy to clean your sofas and carpets, feel free to browse our cleaning services now!

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The power of each machine is 800 PSI hot water, the pressure can reach up to 10 floors delivering the best cleaning solution possible.

Additionally we’ve three Airflex Machines,  3.2kWh each of them, increasing the maximum power to 1.6kWh giving a suction power at 4,8kWh.

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We provide 30 – 40 meters of cleaning range, also for special orders we can increase the range to 100 meters.

The great advantage of our machines is the quality of service – e.g. carpet or upholstery materials do not stay wet for long time – you can use them in next day.

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As a leaders in carpet cleaning , we have the most trained staff available in Cork, specialising in professional furniture cleaning.

We use our machines outside, they work in the van – definitely reduced noise level, we only enter the building with a pipe that brings water in and that drains water away and all the noise and dirt stay in our tub. There is definitely less noise than with machines that need to be brought into the house

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Our Cleaning Process

How Do We Work?

Our cleaning process system uses a combination of hot water and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to break down stains and odours, leaving your carpets or upholsteries looking, feeling, and smelling great. Our process is effective and efficient, down below you can discover our process in depth.

First, we clean all carpets and furniture with a vacuum cleaner, eliminating any dust and debris.

The pre-spray solution is then ‘agitated’ deep into the carpet pile with a specialist machine with multi-directional high power brushes. This not only throughly mixes in the solution but also rejuvenates the carpet pile.

Any marks or stains on the carpet will be treated with stain removers. It must be noted that although every attempt will be made to remove marks and stains it is not possible to guarantee all stains can be removed.

Factors including type of stain, texture of carpet and the length of time the stain has been on the carpet will all play a part in determining its removal.

Our hot water extraction unit jets boiling water with cleaning solutions into the carpet at pressure and then immediately extracts them out with all dirt and contaminants into a waste tank. Our extraction units are 1000 psi, twin vacuums with inline heaters creating immediate boiling water.

On completion of cleaning the carpets will be sprayed with an antistatic fabric softener to make upholstery and carpets feel fresh and nice after drying.

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